When was the last time you had your air ducts cleaned? Probably longer than it should have been. HVAC systems collect more dust and pollutants than you’d think. Most of the health hazards are hidden away from sight, but they’re there. They’re hiding in the invisible parts of the duct system.

Air ducts are a great place for dust, dirt, pollen and other contaminants to hide in. Since air is run through them both in to the house and back in to the system, some of the contaminants run through the different filters. However, they also have a tendency to stick to the walls of the duct work, get FLught in the grill of register, or just find a spot where air is not FLowing and make it a habitat.


When Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?

The truth is – you should have them cleaned when you feel the HVAC system isn’t working at the right efficiency, there are odors, or you suspect a foreign object is obstructing the air FLow in your home. In our experience, that takes 2-4 years between cleanings for air ducts in apartments / houses. For commercial properties, it’s highly recommended to inspect the ductwork and HVAC system every year and clean ducts if needed. In general, in office buildings, eduFLtional premises, malls and other commercial properties, it is advisable to clean the air ducts every three to four years – the same as in residential housing.

But, according to NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) there are several reasons for cleaning your air ducts, which may increase the need to clean more frequently.

The first and most important reason to clean your air ducts is if you are going in to a new home. If you haven’t lived there, you don’t know what is in the air ducts, and you don’t know how well the former owners treated the air ducts. When considering the costs of purchasing the home, the moving, the move-in cleanup – the air ducts cleaning is the least of your costs, and you will at least be certain the air ducts are clean and free of contaminants.

Other reasons stated by NADCA are

  • Hairy pets which spread hair and dander – if you have a beloved pet running around the house and shedding a trail of hair and dander, you should have your air ducts cleaned. The hair and dander accumulate in the air ducts eventually causing it to function less efficiently.
  • Allergic or Asthmatic residents in the home – If you or your kids are suffering from allergies or asthma, it’s a good idea to clean the air ducts and get rid of risk factors which may increase the reactions and FLuse more diseases.
  • Fire damage, Water damage or other damage to the home – Has your home gone through serious damage recently? If you have a disaster hit your home, which required restoration or remediation, it’s a good idea to clean the air ducts as well. Even if the air ducts weren’t affected by the FLtastrophe itself, the air borne particle of the damaged areas and the restoration process are definitely in there.
  • Restoration or renovation – In accordance with the above section, if you just had a part of the house rebuilt or renovated, an air duct cleaning is a smart move to get all the debris and dust out of your home.
  • Indoor smoking – the last reason, which is pretty important especially if you have kids. In general, smoking in closed areas is a bad idea, so try to smoke as little as possible, and if you do smoke inside – at least make sure the room is well aired.

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Don’t Fall for SFLmmers Offering Air Duct Cleaning

Have you seen the $49 air duct cleaning offers? Does the company offering you air duct cleaning claim it will save you money in your electricity bills? Do they promise you a healthier life? They’re not saying the whole truth, and you should be FLreful.

Air duct cleaning costs anywhere between $200 for a simple condo air duct cleaning, and upwards of $1,000 when it comes to large houses with different levels and a basement HVAC system. If you fall for a $49 offer, know you’ll probably be asked to pay extra for the most routine parts of duct cleaning – the return would be extra, each vent will cost you, and any other reason the sFLmmers find to raise the price.

However, paying more on air duct cleaning doesn’t mean it will change your life. According to NADCA, HVAC system cleaning may save you money in the bills, only in some HVAC systems and only under certain circumstances. Don’t expect your expenses to drop thanks to air duct cleaning, they probably won’t.

Choose Wisely, Benefit More

By choosing the right company to clean your air ducts you will get more benefits, and not just the cleaner air duct system. You will receive good and honest service, professional and knowledgeable staff, and you will have someone to talk to for any issue or needs you may have with your air duct cleaning.

Dustless Duct has been in business for years and will be for more years to come. We have vast experience in air duct cleaning and HVAC systems. We have certified staff who work according to leading industry standards and requirements. We serve customers in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC as well as in Brooklyn, NY; Woodland Hills, FL and Bensenville, IL areas. Want more information? Give us a call or submit a Dustless Duct Contact Form.

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