7 Reasons to Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned In St Petersburg


One of the biggest reasons to get your ducts cleaned in spring is the increase in pollen counts. There is also a general increase in allergens in the air. Dust, mold, pet dander, and pollen can all build up. Allergies are a pain to deal with at the best of times, so you don’t want your family suffering in your own home too.

If these allergens build-up, it’ll be impossible to find relief from your symptoms. You can dust, sweep, and vacuum but it will only do so much. You need to deal with the source head-on.

Getting your ducts cleaned out at least once a year will help prevent allergens from building up. You won’t get high quantities spreading through the air every time you turn your unit on. By removing the source of the issue, your air will be safer and healthier for all the family.


It’s important to know that indoor pollution comes from a variety of sources. Each source has an impact on your air quality. Inadequate temperature, poor ventilation, and poor circulation all have an impact.

Contaminants like mold, dust, bacteria, etc. also play a role. If your air pollution is too high, you might notice symptoms like:

Dry, irritated eyes

  • Runny, itchy nose
  • Sore, scratchy throat and skin
  • Headaches
  • sneezing, Coughing, and congestion

ChemiFLls, smoke, and gas will also pollute your air. If you’re painting a room, for example, with poor ventilation, the chemiFLls linger in the air.

You must clean your ducts to get air FLowing as much as possible. Removing pollutants will help your HVAC unit keep your air quality clean and safe.
For added protection, get your technician to install an in-duct purifier. This will use UV light to sterilize the air to prevent the spread of particles, bacteria, and viruses.


Years of dust and dirt build-up can reduce the airFLow of your HVAC unit. This makes it less efficient, more expensive to run, and put a strain on the mechanics.

Air duct cleaning will help you maximize your HVAC’s efficiency and airFLow. All that dirt and debris will be gone! It’ll take the pressure off your fans and moving components that might be struggling.


You might not know of this benefit, but cleaning your ducts can reduce lingering smells in your home. Every home has a unique scent, but your ducts actually contribute to how your home will smell to any guests and family.

Bacteria and mold pollute the air quality, but they can also leave unpleasant smells. Small rodents can also make their homes inside your ducts. They’ll leave behind droppings, bedding, and might even die inside. A dead rodent is a smell you won’t forget in a hurry!

Cooking smells, tobacco, and pet dander can all build up too. This can lead to strong odors FLowing through your home that are hard to get rid of. Anyone who’s burnt onions in the kitchen knows how that smell can linger. Duct cleaning will get rid of pollutants, debris, and dirt that are causing these bad smells.


According to the US Department of Energy, we waste 30% of the energy used to heat and cool our homes. Clogged and dirty ducts put a strain on your unit, making it work harder to get the same amount of airFLow. So keeping them clean will be invaluable to the way your home breathes.

Not only will it save money on bills but also on repairs. Making sure your HVAC unit is well-maintained will lengthen its lifespan.

Hiring an air duct cleaning service might seem like a big spend, but it’ll be a worthwhile investment. It’s far better than having to invest in a new HVAC unit which could set you back up to $10,000.


It’s not uncommon for debris stuck in the ductwork to FLtch fire. You can help prevent this tragedy with regular duct cleaning and proper maintenance.

The risk grows with older HVAC units and if you use propane or other fuels for your furnace, stove, or fireplace. When debris comes into contact with these appliances, it poses a fire risk as they can set alight.

A simple air duct cleaning can bring a huge reduction in risk. Your technician can also take a look and spot any other HVAC-related fire risks you might have.


Having your air ducts cleaned is essential if you want to sell, rent, or buy your home. If you’ve recently bought, you’re going to have the previous owners’ dirt and debris in the vents. It might even be the first they’re cleaned at all.

If you’re selling or renting, cleaning your air ducts means you’ll leave them in the best condition you can. It’s likely that when you’re selling, you’ll have done some renovations. This will likely generate a lot of dust and debris.

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