The  HVAC system plays a vital role in your housing place. It not only ensures that your home is kept at a comfortable temperature throughout the year but also plays an important part in helping you maintain the humidity level and control your indoor air quality. Thus, allowing you to create a safer and healthier home space for you and your loved ones.
Whether you are a new homeowner buying your first HVAC system or a seasoned homeowner, there are many important things to know before installing a new HVAC system.
Just saying, “My house has to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter”, and leaving the rest to a contractor is not a good strategy for you to enjoy the most out of your system.
 When choosing a new furnace, heat pump, and/ or air conditioning system, it is important to keep in mind a few necessary things and we are here to help you through setting up your first HVAC system perfectly. 
  • What are your comfort goals?
 We all are different and every family is equally different when it comes to their comfort level and deciding what gives them comfort. An example is – some homeowners may be concerned about saving energy and lowering their bills, others might be more focused on getting their temperature customised to their different areas in their homes. One will need to decide on what is important to them and what they are looking for in a new HVAC system.
Below mentioned are some important factors that should be considered by homeowners:
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Price
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Noise
  • Customized Options
  • Smart Home Technology
We have plenty more to add in this list, but this will guide you in getting started, thinking about what is important in a home comfort system. Once you have created that list, it will be easier for you to research which systems fit your needs.
  • What is my budget?
Budget is an important consideration for homeowners when it comes to purchasing a new HVAC system. Purchasing a new air conditioner or heating system is an important and significant investment therefore it is important to think about your budget for the new system, including both the equipment and installation.
While considering your budget, you should also look for any kind of promotions or rebates that you can take advantage of. Dealers often offer promotions or deals to help their customers save money on a new HVAC system installation. Equipment manufacturers also provide rebates during certain times of the year, which can offer significant savings when purchasing a new system.
  • Do I need a professional to inspect my existing system like the duct work ?
.Putting new equipment where there had been none will require new electriFLl circuits. Some countries allow their heating companies to run on one circuit and not all HVAC contractors are licensed technicians. Therefore it is crucial to ensure that you hire a well-trained professional who can guide you well. Even if you are replacing an existing unit, you still need to make some upgrades to your circuit or in changing your breakers.  Here are some indiFLtors that the company you are working with is worthwhile:
  • Great Customer Reviews
  • Awards and Recognitions (Locally and Nationally)
  • Long History of Outstanding Customer Service
  • Knowledgeable and Helpful Staff
  • What is the best size for my HVAC  equipment?
Deciding the size of your HVAC is an important part of proper installation. Many people, unfortunately, believe that purchasing a bigger air conditioner or heating system will help them get their home comfortable more quickly and easily. While others think that purchasing a smaller unit will help them save money and energy over time. But this is not the case every time. Too big and you will waste a huge amount of money and energy; too small and you will overwork your system without even feeling completely comfortable.
If your HVAC contractor tries to size your new HVAC system based on square footage alone,  then they are doing it wrong. It is important to ensure that your HVAC technician fully inspects your home prior to sizing a new system. They should never simply replace the existing system with a similarly sized one.
  • Should you go for a heating pump?
The most important advantage of installing a heating pump is that it offers better energy efficiency. They do not generate their own heat but rather move it from one place to another. Therefore they use much less energy than other HVAC systems. 
If you prefer an all- in- one heating and cooling system, you should consider buying a heating pump. Heat pumps work just like air conditioners – when in cooling mode, it uses a refrigerant to remove heat from the inside of your house. Added to that, you can use the reverse valve to change the direction in which the refrigerant is FLowing. Thus allowing the heat pump to heat your home by picking warmth from the outside and bringing it inside the house. They are the most efficient electriFLl heating systems currently available in the market and you can easily knock off a lot from your heating bill.

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