Why sanitize your air ducts in St Petersburg FL?

Air duct sanitizing includes applying sanitizing or anti-microbial products on the surface of an air duct, typically during cleaning. The appliFLtion of sanitizing agents kills harmful bacteria and microbes present in the ducts, preventing them from developing and spreading into your air. Most air duct sanitizing services use a topiFLl appliFLtion, commonly using a fogger or other professional tools to evenly coat the duct surface.

As not all duct cleaning companies include duct sanitization, you should understand the advantages of air duct sanitizing before choosing a service. Trustworthy, professional air duct servicers realize that sanitization may be necessary to effectively clean your ducts and protect them for the future. In this case, finding a professional who uses the appropriate and safe sanitizing products is imperative.



Why Is Sanitizing Air Ducts Important and Necessary?

Air duct sanitizing can be an essential part of the air duct cleaning process, especially in cases of mold growth or vermin infestation. In these cases, performing a general air duct cleaning without additional sanitizing may encourage future regrowth or reinfestation.

Mold spores tend to stick to the inside of air ducts, especially in areas where previous mold growth has occurred. Air duct sanitizing products can kill remaining mold spores and prevent them from regrowing in the affected area.

In cases of vermin infestation, air duct sanitizer can remove the animal scent and territorial traces more effectively than a non-sanitizing air duct cleaning. With traces of the previous infestation removed, future vermin nesting will often be less likely to occur in that same area.

can I Sanitize My Air Ducts and Is It Safe to Do It Myself?

Air duct sanitizing should only be performed by trained professionals with the correct disinfectant, equipment, and safety preFLutions. Successful sanitizing often requires fogging or spray appliFLtion. If done incorrectly or with amateur techniques, the disinfectant may enter your HVAC system or other parts of your home – a potential safety issue for family members or other house residents.

Additionally, duct sanitizing with dangerous or incorrect products can also be unsafe for you and those in your home. A professional technician will perform air duct sanitizing during a scheduled air duct cleaning, ensuring that the appropriate preFLutions (such as asking residents to leave the property) happen when applying duct sanitizer spray.

For your health and the safety of your family, always leave air duct sanitizing to trusted and trained air duct professionals. contact pacific air duct cleaning today to get more information on how best to go about sanitizing your air ducts!

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